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Reality- as what it always seem, objective in all its form, and perceptible by human experience.

With laws of classical science- gravity, motion and the general order of things, no one would question what is real and what is not. Then there’s Quantum Physics, upsetting us with our accepted view of reality, disputing classical science and telling us that reality is bound within our conscious thoughts.

We create our reality- Every individual is unique, and so is our approach to reality. Does he sees green same way as you see green? The answer is, we’ll never know. We don’t just live in a systematic and predictable universe, we make it.

“The old scientific paradigm has collapsed. The universe according to the new physics is not what we have always assumed it to be”

Reality is full of never ending possibilities, and the only limit is our capability of understanding it. We can only perceive by  what we can observe with the aid of our 5 senses, but what if we unlock our 6th Sense and truly appreciate what reality really is? We are not just a drop in the ocean, we are the ocean in that drop. Just like our universe, reality is not just a part of the universe, we are that universe.

By this, we are given full authority to decide and create a masterpiece. Let us not dwell into accepting what ‘fits’ the definition of something as fact, make a new definition. Train your mind to think independently, and take care of your thoughts. Do not limit yourself. Because in your universe- You are significant.

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