Lost in your 20’s, Is it normal?

Lost in my twenties

Let’s start off with a quote from my favorite person.

“Who you are in life and who you will be is determined by your experiences.”

I think we’ve all been lost in the middle of nowhere once in our life. Struggling with which path to take, or worse, not having any choices and options in mind at all. No idea what we’re supposed to do and uncertainty just keep on knocking us down.

What the hell is going on?

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions we ask ourselves. I mean, you look around and everyone’s happy with their job, settled with their career, traveling, and you feel like everyone’s got their life all figured out, while you still wander in the vast circle deciding whether you turn left or right.

But 20’s the time where life’s supposed to be magical?

If you’re struggling with this right now, know that you’re not alone in the boat. The twenties’ the time of our lives when life’s supposed to be fun because well, we’re finally adults! We have the freedom to party whenever we want. But it’s somehow been a shit show. I still get to enjoy my time though, and I have always been grateful for everything.

They say, live and enjoy life while you are young. How? If for the most part, you struggle with questions and lack of confidence, or lack of faith in the unseen, and unanswered.

If you’re lost, explore!

People travel and explore the world for the sake of understanding and learning cultural differences, places, and people. We may feel that we don’t know what we are doing, or where we are going from time to time but that’s okay. When you’re lost you ask questions, and those questions will eventually lead you to discover who you are.

Do not set a timeline.

The thing about setting expiry dates to achieve success is that; we don’t get to enjoy the present. We don’t get to live the now, the now which we can never pull back.

“The ultimate ideal of wealth is time”

We are too caught up grinding for the future that we forgot there is no specific date for it. The future is every day, it is tomorrow, it is next week, it is today! Yesterday was once the future we’re excited to come, and yet it’s gone by. Never lived.

To compare is not fair.

Life is throwing different ingredients to each and every individual. Never compare where you are right now to where your friends have gone already. Your journey is unique. If the test of time is what it takes to for you to be a superstar, then make the most out of it. Submerge yourself in the process, your time will come. Patience is your bitch.

Your life is not defined by current circumstance.

Life maybe crappy and a little out of place right now but your are not defined by it.

“To think what you want to think, is to think the truth. Regardless of appearances”

It’s okay to feel sad, or down. Validate your emotions, it is essential for growth. But do not sink in the drama of your whirling emotions. Give it a time to pop up, but don’t let it linger for too long, you might get drown and might be hard for you to get back on track. Keep moving forward and appreciate wherever you’re at, follow what feels good inside. It will always lead you to the right path.

“You are never alone or helpless. The force that guides the stars guides you too.”

-Shrii Shrii Anandamurt

Surrender. You don’t have to take it all on you. It’s not always your plan that will work out, the universe exactly knows what’s best for you, and when it is the right time. He has made all things beautiful in his time.

If you’re lost like I am. Maybe it’s time to accept that this is a part of a bigger picture. Let’s just keep on walking, and waiting until we stumble in it. It will present itself to us in the most magical and unexpected ways we could think of.

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    Just the words I need ❤️

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