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Bro. Erle Frayne Argonza / Guru RaMagandang Hapon! Good afternoon! Please know first that this writer/analyst is both (b) economist and (b) mystic-healer. For some time now, the challenge of contributing to the construction of an ‘economy that heals’ has been knocking at my ‘mental.. (Read More)
My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead - Posted to My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead by Secretrapture
MY INAUGURAL ADDRESS AT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE OF THE DEAD Alvin Miller http://www.angelfire.com/crazy/spaceman/TOPICS Preface .. (Read More)
MysticBlogs planning enhancements for 2008! - Posted to Mysticblogs.com Blogger News by Admin
Thanks to all of you for being so patient and loyal to our community here. While the sneaky internet spammers continue trying to add content which has nothing to do with spirituality or mysticism, the real community members here will continue to hang tough, for.. (Read More)
Healing Faerie Magick - Posted to Lunar Fox by Lunarfox
When I found that my gift is of a healing nature I knew the path to follow! Mother Earth has given me the gift of site to help others with healing mentally through sharing my knowledge and comforting their soul. When you find your gift.. (Read More)
Blossoms - Posted to Sunscents by Scents
Flower seeds contain within them the blueprint, if you will, of their actualization.  It is the potential right now of all it can be.  Given the right soil and conditions it bursts forth from the Earth showing to the Sun its growth and creativity. The.. (Read More)
The Miracles and Mysteries of Life - Posted to Mystery Light Worker by Mysterylightworker
Hello my name is Jan Benson and I am a lightworker with a great interest in the miracles and mysteries of life. For example, why is there something instead of nothing? And why are we here? I think the answer to these questions can be found.. (Read More)
The Art and Science of Fiction - Posted to AmanaMission Publishing Ink Alternative Press by Amana
The new Blues 4 Kali video The Art and Science of Fiction is here! Rate it, comment, post it on your MySpace. put it on your website, blog it, spread it! For a higher quality version of the video, go to The Art and Science.. (Read More)
A Channeled Message from Helios - Posted to Words To Be Shared... by Imaya
I am called, I'Maya and it is a pleasure to play within this forum with you.  That which follows is a channeled message of Helios  Thank you for the opportunity... "And so, here it is that I, Helios, find this arena to speak through. .. (Read More)
Sadness and Being - Posted to Cit Sym by Shoeracing
The original article contains an image of a sad clown. This can be found on my blog through my website. The sad clown attracts us and evokes a feeling of sadness and compassion. Have you ever noticed that the sadness and compassion really feels like it.. (Read More)
All About Psychic Quietsound - Posted to Psychic Quietsound Relays Spirit Guide Messages! by Quietsound
~The Eldest Sister of "the" Quiet Sisters~ ~Certified Psychic With Psychic Society Internation~ ~Certified Professional Tarot Reader~ ~Certified Spiritual Counselor~ ~Intuitive and Psychic Gifts Handed Down 5 Generations~ ~30 Years of Professional Psychic Experience~ http://www.psychicquietsound.com What are your concerns today? Is it.. (Read More)
Hello world! - Posted to OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE HELPING PEOPLE, LIKE YOU! by Samhain
Welcome ... I am Samhain ... I have had a gift all of my life! Stemming back to my very.. (Read More)
Pick your battles - Posted to Isis by Isis
I sometimes let things get the best of me until I remember the bigger picture. I think we all need reminders of why we are here and what our purposes are.  Then, relax and follow your path.  Let the small things slide! .. (Read More)
Soulmapping - Posted to Soulmapping Mama by La1945
Soulmapping is a way to access your deepest desires, your soul's desires, and the hidden landscape that reveals what might be lurking to keep those desires from coming to life. Soulmapping is something that came to me years ago in a flash insight. As someone.. (Read More)
Searching For Happiness - Posted to Wolfkat by Shoeracing
In a search for happiness, many people look for it in other people and not within ourselves. Many people feel that things like money, a better job, better relationships..etc will make them happy. In reality, to find true contentment you must look inside yourself and.. (Read More)
Hello world! - Posted to Mystic Connections by Mysticgirl
Welcome to Mysticblogs.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! .. (Read More)
Awakening into Oneness - Posted to Awakening into Oneness by Onenessmatt
The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with regard to the newly published book-- Awakening into Oneness-- by Arjuna Ardagh, and the phenomena of the Oneness Blessing (also known as "Deeksha"). .. (Read More)
Feeling Better is ALWAYS Magick.... - Posted to Karmic Debris by Raven56
I used a great combination of items to create an atmosphere of calm but intensely focused energy. I have a client who, despite her uncanny knowledge of quantum physics and zero point fields, cannot bring herself to work in circle alone.  She is definitely social when.. (Read More)
A GOD HAS COME - Posted to A GOD HAS COME by Yeoman
Know ye, all who read these words, that they are true...Those of you who have begun the path to enlightenment will subconsciously recognize this truth immediately. A living god walks among you, and he is preparing to finally make his presence known. His purpose; to grant.. (Read More)
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 Latest Mercury Retrograde for 2007 Almost Over!
Tue, 30 Oct 2007 14:10:44 +0000
Wow, what a night! You may wonder where I’ve been so long. Sometimes dark nights of the soul take a “spell” to complete, if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, wink-wink). No doubt many Scorpio’s felt this. This is the season of the witch… and we’ve got to pick up every stitch. The most mysterious aspect [...]

 Mercury Crosses the Sun on Wednesday
Tue, 07 Nov 2006 07:04:22 +0000
Heads up everyone! A pretty spectacular event is going to take place on Wednesday, Mercury will transit across the Sun, and if you have the right kind of telescope you will be able to watch it! Right now is an interesting time for Mercury, first of all, Mercury is in retrograde. Retrograde can be a trying [...]

 The Joys of Karma
Thu, 26 Oct 2006 19:32:39 +0000
Everyone knows about Karma, it’s that pesky little force of the universe that most of us want to have on our side — and LOOK OUT when it’s payback time for being naughty! The other day a close friend revealed a rather interesting karmic situation: Someone had told some vicious lies and gone to great [...]

 Spiritual Psychic Art
Wed, 18 Oct 2006 18:24:05 +0000
Good morning, we hope you are blessed today! Now is the time and the season to focus on your spiritual guides and open up communication more than ever. During this time of year, when the veil between worlds is lifted for a brief time, learning about our guides and hearing their messages for our lives and [...]

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